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At Westmont, we combine rigorous academics and deep love for God. You'll discover a wide range of classes, experiences and services that encourage you to thrive. Our vibrant community will welcome and support you as you begin to build your future.

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Quick Facts

Westmont College is an undergraduate, residential, Christian, liberal arts community serving God's kingdom by cultivating thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders for global engagement with the academy, church and world. 

Think for yourself. Live for others.

 student-to-faculty ratio 
 average class size 
located in Santa barbara, California 
enrollment (1,200 on campus) 
 4-year graduation rate  

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Westmont's commitment to liberal arts emphasizes making connections among disciplines, blending doing and thinking, sciences and humanities, individual and community. Convention says that you have to choose between scholarly knowledge and scriptural truth. But that's like using only half your brain, or relying on only half the information. 

Here, you'll develop deep knowledge AND discover deep truth.


of classes are taught by faculty,
not graduate students


of faculty have
terminal degrees



Largest majors: Economics & Business, Kinesiology, Psychology, Biology and Communication Studies

Spiritual Life

Westmont's motto, Christus primatum tenensChrist holds first place—captures the college's commitment to developing deep faith in God. The community gathers three times a week in the name of Jesus Christ to love and learn from Him during chapel.


Westmont belongs to the worldwide evangelical Protestant tradition. While faculty and staff sign a statement of faith, the college welcomes students who hold a variety of religious beliefs.


Ministry opportunities include...

Financial Aid

Like many students, you may discover that our generous assistance means you pay less at Westmont than at a public university or other independent college. Dig in to the numbers at think about where you want to invest these transformational four years.

Cost of attendance

of incoming first-year and transfer students received financial aid 
awarded in scholarship every year
average amount awarded 



Westmont Warriors cultivate maturity of mind, body and spirit through the rigorous pursuit of athletic excellence, integrated learning and Christ-centered leadership. Westmont challenges students to strive for excellence in every area of life.


NAIA National Championships


GSAC Team Championships


NAIA All-Americans

    Study Abroad

    Westmont Downtown and Westmont in San Francisco continue to operate, and many of the college's popular study abroad programs will resume in the fall of 2022 with semesters in Europe, England, Northern Europe, Mexico, Asia, Jerusalem, Cairo and Uganda. Whether they travel to Singapore, Berlin or Kampala, Westmont students venture across the globe to learn how to live and interact in cross-cultural settings.


    of the student body participate in off-campus programs.

    6 continents


    Nestled in the hills of beautiful Santa Barbara, Westmont offers spectacular views of the Santa Ynez mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Students enjoy the beaches, mountain trails, cultural resources and fine dining of the charming coastal area. 

    Because many professors live in Westmont's nearby faculty housing, they participate in campus activities and often invite students over for class sessions and meals.

    Future Success

    Westmont equips its graduates with the skills they need to lead and serve in all sectors of society. Students have opportunities to publish research papers with faculty, complete multiple internships and forge important networking relationships with leaders in their fields. The college has earned a reputation for its strong entrepreneurial program, and many alums start their own businesses.


    of graduates are employed or attending graduate school 6 months after graduation


    students participate in summer research with professors each year


    of students participate in an internship while at Westmont 


    median alumni salary with 10+ years experience


    Student Traditions and Activities

    From marveling at the rings of Saturn through the Keck telescope to dressing up in silly costumes for Spring Sing, Westmont students embrace a variety of vibrant traditions and activities passed down from generations of alumni.

    Midnight Madness


    Some traditions and activities include...

    Intercultural & Global Engagement

    Micah 6:8 is a verse commonly cited to compel people to act in times of injustice: “Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” The pages on Westmont’s Micah 6:8 site describe our work around justice, reconciliation, and diversity. Yet our work is unfinished. We continue to strive to be a more reconciling community, to better understand how we could do better, 彼此倾听,耶和华, and to be responsive in our thoughts, words, and actions. May He give us strength to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him.

    Micah 6:8 | Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly


    Our Commitment to Diversity

    Library Rock at Sunset


    In 1937, Ruth Kerr founded a liberal arts college committed to the historic Christian faith. Wallace Emerson, the first president, envisioned an institution that rivaled the best colleges nationwide, and he set the standard for academic rigor and excellence that still applies. 

    Since its founding, Westmont has produced alumni who live with intelligence, character, and hope.


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